News – “THANOS AND GRIMACE JOIN FORCES AGAINST THE FAST FOOD AVENGERS IN THIS COSPLAY MASH-UP” One of Avengers: Infinity War‘s biggest laughs came when Star-Lord called the Mad Titan Thanos“Grimace” to his face—a pretty terrific reference to Ronald McDonald’s purple sidekick. (Incidentally, few people seem to remember that McDonald’s first introduced the character as “Evil Grimace” before he adopted his more gentle persona.) Now, thanks to the powers of cosplay, Thanos and Grimace have finally become one being: Grimos!

Via, cosplayers Banana Steve and Kittie Cosplay debuted Grimos during Monterey Comic Con over the weekend. Kittie Cosplay has subsequently shared a few pics of their creation online, and it’s one of our favorite mash-ups in recent memory.

Note that Grimos’ Infinity Gauntlet appears to be an oven mitt with multi-color chicken McNuggets standing in for the Infinity Stones.

The “McVengers” also posed for a group photo at the convention. And while we don’t know the chosen names of every mash-up depicted below, we think that Wendy Widow and Colonel America are our top choices!

What do you think about the Thanos and Grimace mash-up? Have the McVengers captured your imagination? Let us know in the comment section below!

I didn’t realize how badly I needed a Grimos and McVengers movie until now but someone please make this into a feature length film ASAP.

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