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Ladies annnnd gentlemen! let’s all grab our old knee-high crew socks, dust off the PF flyers, lather yourselves in Bengay and some icy hot because I’m going to welcome you all to the geriatric show!!! Time to lace em up and bring havoc to the court. Sometimes you have to show these young wannabe whipper snappers who’s boss. Here’s my review of Uncle Drew. The story surrounds itself around Dax (played by Lil Rel Harvey) who, as a foster kid fell in love with the game of basketball, he got his first taste watching Michael Jordan put on a show against Larry Bird and the Celtics in that epic 1986 playoff game! From there it was nothing but hoops for young Dax, and… the boy had game!

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Dax and Uncle Drew

A devastating final second blocked shot flushed all his hoop dreams down the toilet though. Still trying to make it big, he turned to coaching a street ball team lead by his superstar player Casper (played by NBA star Aaron Gordon). Putting his life savings on Casper’s back, Dax and his leaching gold digging girlfriend Jess (Tiffany Haddish) go for the Rucker Park Tournaments 100 thousand dollar grand prize!!

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Dax and Mookie


But, yes there’s always a but, things don’t go as planned! Insert Dax’s arch nemesis Mookie (played by funny man Nick Kroll) who not only steals Dax’s star player Casper and the rest of the team but he takes his damn girlfriend too!! Well.. that seemingly leaves Dax with no other option but to give up. But after witnessing a pickup game featuring the old school legend Uncle Drew( NBA superstar Kyrie Irving) he see’s hope and convinces Drew to play for him. Drew agrees but under one condition…he gets to pick the team. On the way they develop a bond as Drew gathers his band of slags to come out, dust the rust off their knees and leave the courts smelling like straight up mothballs. Strapping up the poly grip for the dentures and tightening up their depends, Drew recruits his squad of Preacher ( NBA legend Chris Webber), Big Fella ( NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal), Lights ( NBA legend Reggie Miller), Boots (NBA and Big3 player Nate Robinson), and the one and only Betty Lou (WNBA Hall of Famer Lisa Leslie). Giving each a special gift to enhance their attributes, they take court like the guys at your local YMCA. Ok I’m sorry more like the ice cubes Big3 league!

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The old squad can ball but i’m not going to give away too much. You’ll have to go see it for yourself so you can get the full geriatric experience! There are a couple twists and turns, nice wise teaching the youth lessons, dunks, ally oops, ankle breaking crossovers (yes of course Kyrie has handles) and a classic old fogey dance sequence! Overall, the movie was entertaining. Some bad acting lowers the grub for me but I give the NBA guys their props, I mean how good did you guys expect the acting to actually be. There were definitely funny parts….I laughed out loud more than once. So get your walkers, canes and hearing aids out the closet and get your old asses to the theater to have a little fun. The real movie goes on through the credits with the gag reel,that’s where the real fun is! I’m giving this movie 3.5 veggie burgers! It’s not the best but it’s entertaining,funny, and enjoyable.

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Let me know what you guys thought of the movie.

Come back and get more from the movie man and as always continue to get your grub on!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 3.5**

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