News – “Couple who met at Sonic, bonded over tater tots, take engagement photos at fast-food chain” – Food brings people together, so it’s no surprise a young New Jersey couple wanted to celebrate their love over some tater tots and slushes.


The couple decided Sonic was the perfect spot to showcase their engagement.  (Jeffrey M. Sabotta, Sabotta Imagery Photography)


Recently engaged Julie McCutcheon and Justin Burgoon first met and eventually fell in love while working at a Sonic Drive-In in Flemington. Which is why, when it came to do their engagement shoot, the fast-food chain made perfect sense to serve as the backdrop.


Julie McCutcheon and Justin Burgoon bonded over their love of tater tots.  (Jeffrey M. Sabotta, Sabotta Imagery Photography)

Photographer Jeffrey Sabotta suggested the location after learning about the couple’s love story.


The photographer said the quirky location made perfect sense after hearing the couple’s story.  (Jeffrey M. Sabotta, Sabotta Imagery Photography)


“Since that is where they met, worked together and fell in love, it made sense to me,” he told Us Weekly. “They told me they met at a Sonic. They told me it was kind of over the love of tater tots … I suggested that we should incorporate that in their engagement session. They loved the idea and were totally on board.”

Stories like this are always cool and a nice change of pace from the usual news headlines…now more than ever but ..Sonic is trash. I need me and bae to say our nuptials right in the middle of Popeyes with the spicy being freshly dropped into the grease right as we say “I do”.

Image result for yelling emojiWhere she at tho?!

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