News – “Utah County’s Most Wanted: Man used fake money for fast food” – The Utah County Sheriff’s Office is searching for several people who violated probation conditions after facing criminal charges in Utah County, including two people charged with drug possession, a man who stole a pickup truck and another man who tried to use counterfeit money to buy fast food.


Moosmann violated his probation after his sentencing for using a fake $50 bill to buy fast food at McDonald’s and KFC in Lehi.

In September 2016, he and two female passengers went to a McDonald’s and attempted to pay for food using a counterfeit bill, charging documents state. The employees discovered the bill was fake and refused to accept the money. They also recorded the license plate number of the vehicle and reported the incident to police.

Shortly after police received reports of the same vehicle and driver attempting to use the fake $50 bill at a KFC on the same street.

Lehi police contacted Moosmann and two passengers who stated separately that they did not know the money was fake until they tried to purchase food.

“He stated he got the fake money from a friend who owed him money,” according to a probable cause statement.

Moosmann also violated his probation for charges of drug possession in December 2017.

Police responded to calls of suspicious activity in Orem where Moosmann and two passengers were parked in a vehicle, court documents state. Officers found less than a gram of meth and heroin inside a container in Moosmann’s pocket and other drug paraphernalia inside the vehicle.

I think the funniest thing about all of this is that he’s considered one of “Utah County’s Most Wanted”….that police force has to be so damn bored out there. Only action they getting is chasing crackheads with Monopoly money.

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  1. Timothy “Mr Ultimate” Fells

    Looool crackheads with Monopoly money!! He’s childish for this damn man he couldn’t get like some counterfeit 5’s lol

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