News – “Taco Bell Fries Up New Crispy Potaco with a Hash Brown-Like Taco Shell in India” – Continuing their various experiments with unusual taco shells, Taco Bell serves up the new Crispy Potaco over in India.

The combination of potato and taco features a hash brown-like taco shell that’s made of potato and “Mexican spices.” The Potaco is a vegetarian item that comes filled with lettuce, fiesta salsa, cheese, and “signature sauces.”

For a limited time, the new menu item is selling for 99 rupees (~$1.44 US) a piece, which is the same price that the Naked Chicken Taco launched in the country.

Hmmmmm I think that Taco Bell can go a bit to far with some of the items they roll out *cough* the egg-shell taco *cough* but I think I can get with the vision on this one. I’m sure if it does well in India they’ll bring it over to the states.

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