News – “Ice cream-inspired Oreos arriving in stores for summer” – Oreo can’t stop teasing new flavors, even in summer.

The latest limited-edition rollout is inspired by Good Humor ice cream treats – strawberry shortcake and rocky road.

Strawberry shortcake features whipped strawberry shortcake flavored creme and strawberry flavored pieces on a golden Oreo. The Rocky Road Trip will hit stores on July 23 and combines rocky road flavored creme with marshmallow with bits of soy nuts on a chocolate Oreo.

Oreo is known for its mashups including banana split, candy corn, birthday cake and Creamsicle.

We ripped open packages of the new flavors in the PennLive newsroom for an unofficial taste-test. Unlike other limited-edition Oreo flavors including kettle corn and cherry cola, these didn’t disappoint.

“These may be the two best random flavor Oreos I have ever had,” said Travis Kellar, PennLive reporter. 

“I like the marshmallow. You can taste the marshmallow coming through on this,” said John L. Micek, opinion editor. 

We hear Oreo has a few other flavors in the pipeline for 2018 including peppermint bark and a birthday cake Mickey Mouse flavor. 

And, if you don’t like these flavors, maybe one of these Pa.-centric Oreos will float your boat.

As I said on the radio show/podcast..I fuck with these flavors. I think Oreo as had a lot of swing and misses with these and need to fucking relax but na these sound like they’ll be flames. I’ll make sure we’ll do an on air test when they come out.

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