Movie Reviews with Tim – “The First Purge”

A barbaric experiment on one of New York’s legendary 5 Burroughs! Hell on the island, STATEN ISLAND. Taking place in the park hill towers, people are being recruited to be a part of a deadly experiment and people will sell their souls for that all mighty dollar. It’s a “political and psychological device” that’s placed on the people with lower income … the Purge is put in place to center itself on getting rid of a certain demographic and the best way to do it is to force people against each other. With an up and coming cast starring Y’lan Noel (Dmitri), Lex Scott Davis (Nya), Joivan Wade (Isaiah) and Marisa Tomei as the architect of it all, fireworks were bound to happen.

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Bedlam, bedlam and more bedlam, oh yeah plus a lot of unnecessary blood. For 12 hours it is a new law that all crime including murder is legal! As some people flee Staten Island, many stay because of the money that could be life changing “if “ they survive. When that deafening horn sounds, the game is on!

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I’m going to start by saying that a crackhead by the name of Skeletor is going around dropping “L’s” on people with no mercy and reminding me of Omar from the wire. LOL!!

On the real, this movie was pretty bad. The plot from the jump was terrible (I  did like how they broke down how and why they were starting the purge though) and the storyline development got worse and worse all the way to the end of the movie. The drug dealer becomes “KING” to a community who he helped to destroy but prevails at the end… WHAT!!!! Lol Comical again this movie was bad. They should have stopped after the 3rd installment,  none were on par with the original but still. I’m giving this movie 2.6 moldy goat cheese burgers and I’m throwing some extra mold on that shit!! Ughhhhhh. It really got a 2.0 from me but the soundtrack to this movie was incredible. Please I beg of you “Platinum dunes”, “Blumehouse productions”, and James DeMonaco leave this series alone! No more, no more punishment to our eyes.  But what I ask of you all is to approach with caution. Just know -I told you so!

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**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 2.6**

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