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It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. The sun shines bright, the air is crisp, the birds sing beautifully and the water is pure! Would you be my neighbor? In a little ol’ house on a little ol’ street hails one amazing soul. In a world where our president is attacking people on “Twitter” and our youth idolizes negativity and hatred, Mr. Rogers is a reminder of the genuine humanity, innocence, and love that seems to be lost in our society today. From his humble beginnings in 1968 until his death in 2003, his messages remained the same! Happiness in the world, pure equality, and the beauty with children and all humankind, no matter the color!

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“Won’t you be my neighbor “, touches your heart from its warm theme song to the changing of his daily sweaters. His joy in creating heartfelt characters that had a message to send to the world through their own points of view and the purity in the special guest stars such as François Clemmons (Officer Clemmons) is what’s missing from today’s generation of TV. “Won’t you be my neighbor “, is more than a documentary. It’s kindness, it’s gentleness, it’s humanity, it’s a lifestyle! It’s a family member; it’s every heartbeat in everyone who grew up and received Mr. Rogers’ message!

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It’s seriously beautiful! This is definitely a must see movie, one that will be talked about for a lifetime. Like I said it was amazing from the opening scene until the last credit rolled. It showed the beauty and compassion that he placed upon every child and what he wanted to place upon the whole world. Please be advised that you may need tissue for this movie because it can be a tear jerker. This movie is definitely a ball of emotions and you will feel each and every one of them! I give this movie 5 of whatever you feel is the greatest burger ever created and every side that can go with it! Yes, it was that good. I honestly hope that his message can resurface after this and the world could be a “beautiful day in the neighborhood” all over! So yes, yes, yes, get up off that couch, get the family together and go out and experience this amazing piece of art!  Make sure you provide feedback to me, The Movie Man, and let me know your thoughts. Continue to keep tuning in to for all the latest on food, sports, movies and entertainment.

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