News – Haribo Gummy Bears Takedown A Naked Runner – A naked runner who targeted dozens of young women has been caught after determined beat officers used a discarded shopping receipt to track him down.

Over the last few weeks, the serial flasher has been targeting women on the riverbanks in Durham City, but it was detective work by local officers and the culprit’s taste for sweets which proved to be his downfall.

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A discarded till receipt for a packet of Haribo which was dropped at the scene eventually helped officers trace an 18-year-old suspect, who was arrested and has now admitted his guilt.

Since April, around a dozen women reported that a man, naked except for his running shoes, had been seen on the riverside footpaths between Durham Rowing Club and the Maiden Castle sports complex. Police believed that he was waiting for lone women, many of them joggers using the popular riverside routes, before emerging from his hidden vantage point and indecently exposing himself.

Like who wakes up one day at 18 and says “You know what…I think I’m going to jog around butt ass naked in the park with just some running shoes on, feels like the day for it”. Not only that, this means he was smashing gummy bears before he hit his naked cardio. Also what a great 2018 headline.

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