News – “Family ‘caught barbecuing on tombstone in graveyard” A family appear to have been caught barbecuing in a graveyard, using a raised tombstone as a base, according to a witness who took a photo of the scene.

The photograph, which was taken in a graveyard in Otley, near Leeds, shows a group of people standing in a green area surrounded by headstones, while smoke billows out from an area in front of them.

A barbecue was held on a tombstone. Picture: Yorkshire Post A Yorkshire Post reader, who wished to remain anonymous, discovered the scene while walking through the churchyard after attending the Otley Food and Drink Festival this weekend.

The reader contacted the paper and explained he had been taking a shortcut through the Parish Church grounds at the time of the incident. He said: “A lovely afternoon spent at the Otley food and drink festival, followed by a meander home through the Parish Church grounds. “Imagine the surprise to find three adults with about seven children enjoying a barbecue.

“The cooking was being done on the raised tomb stone.” He went on to say that his wife challenged the graveyard barbecue party, but to little avail. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, added: “My wife remonstrated with the men. The ‘Chef’ patronisingly said ‘Thank you for you input, I’ve taken note.’

Okay we’re getting to the point where these headlines are some shit straight from The Onion, like if I saw this on a sitcom I would be like “oh come the fuck on that’s not realistic”…but also…I mean what if they were bbqing on a family members or friends tombstone and that was their final request…this is why we gotta hear both sides in these situations folks.


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