News – “Local restaurant faces backlash after post about customer paying in coins” LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — A local restaurant is facing backlash after making a post about a customer who paid their bill in a bunch of coins.

Beer 88 shared a photo with a receipt, a $20 bill, and a bunch of coins with a caption that read “How NOT to pay at a restaurant” and then added “that’s the nicest thing we can think to say about this ridiculousness” before adding hashtags like ‘we are beer 88 not coinstar’ and ‘working with the public.’

Many people left comments and shared the post saying the post was in poor taste because money is money and a restaurant shouldn’t shame a customer.

Others encouraged customers to show up with only coins to pay their next bill at the restaurant.

Beer 88 responded in the comment section with snarky remarks like “welcome to social media” and “Obviously the SARCASM and HUMOR of this post is lost on most of y’all.”

The boy who claims this was his check wrote in the comments “Hey at least I left a 10 $ tip !!”

As a person that has paid for whole meals with just change (save your judgement for your twice divorced auntie that always gives relationship advice) I can understand the struggle but damn man its 2018…bro, you can literally cash that change on almost every corner…plus I wasn’t going into restaurants and paying in change…that’s reserved for fast food lines buddy.

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