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Oh, life is but a dream…  the dream of happiness, power and wealth…the ALL-AMERICAN DREAM! Well is it too late for dreams to come true or are nightmares the reality? Sorry, well ummm not “SORRY TO BOTHER YOU”, but I have a brief little story to tell.

Welcome to the new world, the NEW future where the meek hold no power but submissive intuition. A world where Cassius Green (Lakeith Stanfield) wants nothing but to make a buck and to make ends meet, make his girlfriend Detroit (Tessa Thompson) happy and….. screw it…the man wants to get a damn job! Cassius, on a lucky whim, gets a job as a telemarketer at a powerful company that promotes “a WORRY FREE SOLUTION” and offers a “SORRY FREE CONTRACT” …think about that for a second. He learns that the place to be and to advance, not only within the company but in life itself, comes from getting promoted to the gold standard of the building’s  “TOP FLOOR”. To get the basics, he must follow the company’s policy of S.T.T.S (STICK TO THE SCRIPT) but quickly understands that he owns the gift of “The white voice”. With his new found magic, Cassius becomes placed in the world of money and power. Now able to see the world from another perspective, reality soon kicks in and the ALL AMERICAN DREAM quickly turns into a nightmare! Oh man oh man!

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The twists and turns, the ups and downs this movie brings will have your blood pressure high and your heart pounding! Back room secrets to a big company’s corruption for power and money lies on the backs of its Equi-sapiens … and yes, you heard that right, so put your thinking caps on and put that together! Overall, this movie was really good, it forces you to think outside of the box. Director Boots Riley is Spike Lee-esque in his major movie directorial debut. He does a great job with the script, providing comedy, drama, suspense and mystery! We definitely have some new powerful rising stars in Lakeith Stanfield and Tessa Thompson (I expect more greatness from them both) and they were followed with a great supporting cast. I give this movie a 4.6 beyond meat vegan burgers with the toasted buns. Great entertainment, good soundtrack, great acting and as I mentioned don’t forget to bring your thinking caps for this one! It’s one for the ages. I look forward to more projects from director Boots Riley and also from these rising stars. So get up off that damn couch, grab the significant other, open your brains and go see this movie. Provide your feedback and let me know what you think!

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**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 4.6**

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