News – ““An almond doesn’t lactate:” FDA to crack down on use of the word “milk”” – The US Food and Drug Administration seems to have soured on nondairy milk-alternative products that use the term “milk” in their marketing and labeling—like popular soy and almond milk products.

In a talk hosted by Politico, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced Tuesday that the FDA will soon issue a new guidance on the use of the term. But he added that products aren’t abiding by FDA policies as they stand now. He referenced a so-called “standard of identity” policy that regulates how milk is defined and should be identified.

“If you look at our standard of identity—there is a reference somewhere in the standard of identity to a lactating animal,” he said. “And, you know, an almond doesn’t lactate, I will confess.”

He went on to explain that the issue is that the agency hasn’t been enforcing its own policy or putting the squeeze on product makers—and that it’s time to get abreast of the labeling language.

We’re taking care of the serious business I see, seriously though…this is another one of those headlines that feels like it should be on The Onion…it’s getting to the point that I don’t believe their real articles until I click on them and actually read some of this craziness. I’m sure our resources can be used in other places people…

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