News – “LA’s Next Interactive “Museum” Lets Fitness Fanatics Pretend They Eat Junk Food” – Cheat Day Land opens in September in Arts District

In an attempt to jump into LA’s burgeoning interactive food “museum” phenomenon, the group behind Cheat Day Land created an experience for so-called healthy eaters to take a day off and indulge. From all appearances, the forthcoming food museum pop-up is taking over the former Museum of Ice Cream space in the Arts District.

Launched by the Rubi Rymenmy, the founder visited Japan and found museums included her favorite “cheat day” foods. Rymenmy’s family owns Art Flying Aerial fitness studio in Lomita and as a clean eater, she only reserves a few specific days per month for junk foods.

What to expect? Twelve cheat meal-themed rooms like a donut gym with pastry dumbbells, and an area to try on a hamburger dress. Swim in a massive cereal bowl, or just climb on top of food. Rymenmy is working with local designers for a Cheater brand of merchandise, so visitors can leave the exhibit in t-shirts, shoes, or hats with a prominent “Cheater” logo.

The organizers have an area dedicated to teach visitors how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including ideas for snacks and guilt-free cheat foods. Why they thought putting junk foods next to “healthy” things seems a bit of mystery. Tickets are available, and while children under four get in free, adults must pay $38 for entry.

Cheat Day Land runs from September 1 through September 30, 2018.

…..I was already pretty much there…but yea I think I’ve lost all faith in us a society….but people will probably pay because people are stupid (see bottled hot dog water).

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