News – “Toronto’s love of fast food makes for fat, diabetic raccoons”

theweathernetwork.comThursday, July 19, 2018, 12:52 PM – If you needed a new reason to feel guilty about your lousy eating habits, a recent study from Laurentian University may have you covered.

Apparently southern Ontario’s raccoon population is feeling the effects from our dietary choices, too. The study compared three groups of raccoons: one urban set, living on the grounds of the Toronto Zoo, ‘suburbanites’, living in a conservation area, and rural raccoons, leaving in a farming area where they had little access to human food waste. The thinking behind the research was to see if urban scavengers, such as raccoons, were suffering the same health problems as their human neighbors.

The news isn’t great for the lovable trash panda.

Researchers found the city-dwelling raccoons, with the easiest access to food waste, were substantially heavier than their suburban and rural cousins, averaging some 2 kilos more than the conservation area critters, and 3 kilograms more than the farm-based raccoons.

Perhaps more worryingly, the garbage-eaters also had much higher blood sugar levels; about double the amount of the raccoons who had less access to our food scraps. That’s right, Toronto. We’re giving raccoons hyperglycemia — one of the hallmark signs of diabetes.

Daaaaamn at least in the states we’re only making our species obese (for the most part), in Canada they giving the trash pandas diabetes and shit…I said it before…this Wall-E fat people future isn’t too far off from happening…

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