Great Moments in Food History: The Boondocks S1 Ep10 “The Itis”

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A lot of shows, movies and artists get labeled as “before their time” but there’s no other way to really describe Aaron Mcgruders Adult Swim cartoon The BoondocksIt debuted in 2005 and since then its developed a cult like following, covering everything from politics to rap beef with comedic genius. One of the most iconic episodes from Season 1 is the episode titled simply as “the itis”. For anyone that isn’t familiar with the definition of the itis, it’s basically when you eat so much (usually greasy) food that you basically hit a food coma. I’ve caught the itis so bad that I basically fell asleep right at the dinner table like they do in one of the funnier scenes in the beginning of the episode. This hilarious episode also introduced the world to “The Luther”.

Riley Freeman with “The Luther”

Here’s how Grandpa describes The Luther in the show: “A full pound burger patty covered in cheese. Grilled onions, five strips of bacon, all sandwiched between…two Krispy Kreme donuts.”

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The first time they described that bad boy I was in shock, disgusted and hungry as fuck…you know it’s real when a cartoon makes you want to take a bite of something animated. But without further ado..I present to you “The Itis” for this installment of Great Moments in Food History.

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