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All hail, and Make way for the queen! If you are a Whitney Houston fan RISE UP, or even if you just enjoy some of her top hit songs RISE UP!! I highly and truly recommend this movie. It is a very real, raw and in depth documentary that explains the highest of the highs and the downfalls of the lows her success and struggles that Whitney faced throughout her lifetime. This incredible life telling documentary has behind the scenes footage that has never been seen and stories from Whitney’s family members (Mother Cissy Houston, her siblings,  Husband and king of r&b Bobby Brown, best friend Robyn, etc), friends, and business associates and it talks about some of the deep, and dark secrets of her past all the way to the end of her life.

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“Whitney” had my heart in excitement when I saw her behind-the-scenes thoughts and moments which brought back so many memories from decades past, but it also brought forth tremendous sorrow when I saw a clear look into some of the personal demons that haunted her and were often in some of the tabloids at the time. “Remember crack is cheap honey”. If you want to experience the life of a real icon and go in depth in what was a tremendous life and also a tremendously horrific downfall and death, look no further. WHITNEY provides “realness”, drama, passion, love, and tragedy on the theater screen. This movie is a good one to check out and it will have you talking and thinking about it when it’s over. I give this documentary a good 5 vegan burgers with some good vegan mayo and vegan cheese! The purity of the story the behind the scenes footage and just getting to know the Whitney that we didn’t have access to is heartwarming! Definitely recommend this movie get up and get your family and go see this. If you are a Whitney lover you’re going to fall in love more if you weren’t then you will be a fan after seeing this!

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