News – “Chick-fil-A testing meal kits for home delivery, a fast-food first” – in a culinary move billed as a first for a fast-food chain, Chick-fil-A is joining the crowded ranks of companies offering meal kits for home cooking. 

But unlike those sold by Blue Apron, Amazon, Kroger, Target and others, Chick-fil-A plans to pilot rotating recipes that are all about chicken, as in chicken parmesan, chicken enchiladas, dijon chicken, pan roasted chicken and chicken flatbread.

The fast-food chain will test the fowl-focused meal kits at 150 locations across the Atlanta area starting in late August, Chick-fil-A said Monday in a press release. Company chef Stuart Tracy helped develop the meal kits, which Chick-fil-A says are “easy to follow, simple to make and include the quality Chick-fil-A chicken used in the brand’s famous chicken.”

While chicken-centric, the recipes and pre-measured ingredients contained in the kits are all for dishes that are not on the chain’s menu. Each takes about half an hour to make, the company said.

The decision to go off menu with the meal kit recipes was questioned by some Chick-fil-A followers on social media, with one fan expressing a desire to make the company’s grilled chicken nuggets at home, while another posted joy at being able to eat the chain’s food on Sunday, when its 2,200 outlets across the country are closed. Others expressed puzzlement at the move, with one person tweeting: “headscratch.” 

Yeaaaa as someone who fucks with meal kits I was actually hype for this but damn guys maybe possibly put some of your regular menu items on there…so yes like the one tweeter said…we can actually enjoy a delicious chicken sandwich or nuggets on a damn Sunday. I love when shit like this happens though because it starts a wave, lets so who else follows suit.

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