News – “Albertan rigs windshield wiper to squirt kombucha into his mouth” – A Cochcrane, Alta., man has transformed his car’s windshield wiper system into a hands-free kombucha fountain. 

YouTuber Daniel Tillotson made the “vegan car mod” for a video that had been viewed nearly 75,000 times as of Tuesday evening.

“There’s some content where I will spend weeks filming it and editing it and putting my heart and soul into it, and it just doesn’t take — no one cares about it,” Tillotson told As It Happensguest host Laura Lynch.

“It’s the dumb stuff that people just latch onto. And now here we are.”

In the clip Tillotson can be seen flushing the wiper fluid tank in his 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX with cold and hot water in an effort to rid it of wiper fluid — which is full of dangerously poisonous methanol.

“The water that came out at the end still wasn’t great. Had a bit of a funny smell to it,” he said. “But I was really excited to get the juice in there and just see it happen, so I kind of just went for it.”

He warns his viewers in the video not to try this at home. 

We’re at the end of times….with that being said…I need this in the whip…better yet I need this in a friends whip and on the passenger side…now we’re talking.

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