News – “Women spend vacation visiting all Wegmans locations” – BUFFALO, N.Y. – Being dedicated to your job is one thing. Going on a road trip to visit all locations of the company you work for is something totally different. 

But two women who work at Wegmans in Buffalo, New York, decided to do just that. 

“Rebecca and I just wanted to go on a road trip,” Sarah Wells told WHAM. “We didn’t have any destination in mind. It came up as an idea, and we took it as a challenge and ran with it.”

The first day Wells and her friend and co-worker, Rebecca Hurley, visited nearly 40 stores, all in Buffalo and Rochester. 

The second day was supposed to be a trip to the beach, but they ended up taking a trip to the store, and another store, and another store, WHAM reported.

The pair then documented their vacation, which spanned 4,000 miles in seven days, on Instagram. 

Wells said that while the 97 stores would all seem to be the same, they all had their differences. The women also had some favorites including a new location in Natick, Massachusetts, WHAM reported.

Look I always say, vacation is different for everyone…some people want to go do things and see sights, some want to hit the beach, some people just want to sleep all day…and apparently some people just want to look at organic goods…to each their own

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