News – “Frederick man tried to bribe officers with doughnuts”

fredericknewspost.comA Frederick man didn’t do himself any favors when city police said he tried to bribe several officers with doughnuts in exchange for letting him go.

Matthew Tyler Rosenberg, 25, told officers he worked at Krispy Kreme and promised to give them doughnuts if they allowed him to “just go home,” according to charging documents filed in Frederick County District Court late last week.

Rosenberg was in handcuffs and was under arrest when they tried to detain him at 11:23 p.m. Thursday on Linden Avenue.

While it may have seemed like Rosenberg was referring to the stereotype that police officers love doughnuts, Sgt. Jonathan Shatlock, a supervisor of the unit that made the arrest, said Rosenberg made the offer to multiple officers repeatedly.

“I believe that he was serious,” Shatlock said when reached for comment. “He also offered another officer money to let him go free.”

In addition to resisting arrest, Rosenberg was charged with attempting to bribe a public employee, a misdemeanor that carries a penalty of two to 12 years in prison, a fine from $100 to $5,000, or both.

I meaaaaaaan we definitely gotta hear both sides on this one. I’m saying though…if you try this on the right cop (me) and their hungry enough you could be in business if your crime isn’t anything crazy foul…we’re talking about Krispy Kreme here people..AND if their fresh off the line?! Yea i’m taking that bribe and walking away with a backseat full of deliciousness

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