News – “Guy Fieri Will Open a Restaurant at Disney World” – It’s called Chicken Guy! 

The happiest place on earth will soon offer a detour into Flavortown.

On Wednesday, Walt Disney World announced plans to open Chicken Guy!, a fast-casual restaurant from Food Network star Guy Fieri, at Disney Springs in Orlando. It will serve as the original flagship location of what will eventually be a restaurant chain that serves up chicken tenders every which way—grilled or fried, in a sandwich, on a skewer, or in a salad. There will also be 22 different sauce options (one being Fieri’s signature “donkey sauce,” presumably), and a “sauce slinger” who roams the restaurant with a holster full of condiments.

Beyond tenders, Chicken Guy! will offer sides like loaded fries with “SMC” (super melty cheese in Fieri speak) and “Mac Daddy Mac ‘n’ Cheese”, along with desserts called “Flavortown Frozen Treats” like double mint and cinnamon apple soft serve.

Disney Springs—a shopping and dining hub that offers a taste of the Disney experience without entering the parks—has seen an influx of celebrity chef-driven restaurants in recent years with fine-dining establishments from Masaharu Morimoto, Rick Bayless and Art Smith popping up, and one from acclaimed D.C. chef Josè Andrès on the way. Unlike these chefs, though, Fieri is offering up no-fuss counter service at an exceptionally affordable price by Disney standards.

Ehhhh if it’s a place at Disney I think it’s safe to assume that whole meal pictured will probably end up costing $35.67 and also your first born child.

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