News – “Man shoves $100 worth of Walmart steaks down pants, flees on moped” – A man in Nashville, North Carolina, was nabbed by authorities on Monday after he allegedly shoved $100 worth of stolen Walmart steaks down his pants.

The alleged thief, identified as Keith Jordan by CBS 17, tried to make a getaway on his moped “in the pouring down rain” after walking out of the Walmart without paying for the steaks, the Nash County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post.

A photo shared by the sheriff’s office — which added that “neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night” prevented them from apprehending the accused thief — shows at least 10 packages of stolen steaks.

“He must’ve been really hungry,” one Facebook user commented on thepost.

“He was going to do a stake out,” another user joked.

Damn man you know he was feeling good on his moped, texting bae like “Oh yea we eating good tonight girl!”…I’m going to need these meat/pants bandits to come up with a better strategy man…clearly this aint it.

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