News – “Pickle Fans: Here’s Where You Can Get Pickle-Flavored Doritos” – Apparently they’re “the cadillac of dill pickle flavored salty-snacks.”

These days, there’s no food or drink safe from the pickle obsession. There’s pickle beer, slushies, ice cream, and candy canes, to name a few. Now, everyone’s beloved crunchy triangle chips come in a pickle variety, as well.

Intense Pickle Doritos pack an “extreme crunch and explode-in-the-mouth flavor,” according to Doritos. “Savour the tanginess of the intense pickle flavor in every bite.” So, basically, every pickle fanatic’s dream chip.

If you want to taste for yourself (and obviously you do), you’ll have to head to Canada, where the chips are sold, Extra Crispy notes. Apparently, the pickle Doritos have been around for years, long before the time of things like snow-cone flavored pickles.

If a Canadian vacay isn’t in your near future, you can also order the chips via Amazon, because technology is a lovely thing! Based on some of the reviews from Amazon, the Intense Pickle Doritos are a perfect snack for the pickle-fiend in your life. 

One user got them as part of an “all pickle gift set” for their mother-in-law. “These may have been the biggest hit with her pickle loving self. I wasn’t expecting them to taste as pickley as they do, but they are very intense as they state.” Another called the chips “the cadillac of dill pickle flavored salty-snacks” and suggests keeping them in the freezer because it “amplifies the seasoning.”

An Instagram user called the Doritos “amazing” and “10/10 would recommend.” The user described the taste: “At first kinda just like salted nachos but then it leaves your mouth feeling really pickly and fresh and a bit sour.”

Ehh I’m pretty meh on this but according to the comments on Delish’s facebook post from our friends north of us these are delicious. They actually got a little snobby about it, a lot of “America doesn’t have these yet?!”. I’m not a pickle person like that, I’ll eat them but definitely not going out of my way for them….but if everyone is saying their banging i’m going to have to give them a try.


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