News – Jim Harbaugh is a crazy person and its fantastic

freep.comMichigan football’s Jim Harbaugh has reset the bar on quirkiness as a college football coach.

His tenure at U-M has been more memorable for sleeping over at a recruit’s house or jumping into a pool fully clothed (with trademark Khakis) or sharing with the public he once ate cold cereal with Gatorade instead of milk than, say, winning huge football games.

We may have a new entry in the quirky column.

The Bleacher Report’s Matt Hayes has a long U-M football preview that focuses on new quarterback Shea Patterson. Buried deep in that epic is this nugget from former Michigan QB Wilton Speight, who has since transferred to UCLA.

“Early in his Michigan tenure, Harbaugh pulled Speight aside and told him not to eat chicken, a protein that is considered fairly safe by nutritionists. When Speight asked why, Harbaugh said, ‘because it’s a nervous bird.’ “

Wait, what? Oh, we get it. Chicken. Nervous. Of course. 

It goes deeper than that, though.

“He thinks some type of sickness injected its way into the human population when people began eating white meats instead of beef and pork,” Speight said, according to the Bleacher Report story. “And he believes it, 100 percent.”

Oh. OK. 

Never change you milk chugging sonofabitch, full disclosure for anyone that doesn’t know…I’m a Michigan fan (born there and whole family is from there) and whenever these stories pop up about him all I can do is smile. The dude said he rocks cleats all the time no matter what…the same khakis every single day (think Doug Funny’s closet) even if he’s working out…and drinks milk with every meal.  So of course he wouldn’t eat that coward bird or for that matter want his players to indulge in that.

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Seriously though I would love to shadow him for one day, i’m assuming it would be the weirdest, craziest,interesting and most importantly the best day of my life.

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