Cookie Dough Bliss – Cherry Hill, NJ

So The Lady and I took a trip to visit my parents, and on the way home she mentioned she heard of this new dessert place in Cherry Hill, Cookie Dough Bliss. We walked in and the guy at the counter, Dante, welcomed us and gave us the rundown. They specialize in edible cookie dough and you are allowed to try every single flavor on a small spoon before you buy. Now the Lady and I only had a handful of flavors we tried and we made our choices. The Lady went with the 2 scoop Cake Batter dough with Chocolate Chip dough topped with M&M’s. I went with the 3 scoop Cake Batter, Triple Chocolate and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


I will say that the Cake Batter is awesome, it literally tastes like freshly made cake batter. It paired really well with the triple chocolate. Mind you the triple chocolate is thick… like I damn near broke the plastic spoon they give you to eat this stuff. Seriously I came close to snapping the spoon like Joe Theismann’s leg numerous times. However, the triple chocolate is fulfilling and oh so chocolatey. The Lady’s was good but after a while it was a little too sweet. The major difference was that mine had the scoop of vanilla ice cream. The ice cream really added something to the dessert. It made it less sweet but just added that extra something special. I look at it like this when you have cookies you get yourself a glass of milk; when eating the cookie dough here get that scoop of ice cream..

I thoroughly enjoyed the dessert and the hospitality that Dante and his twin brother Nick showed us. They really cared about if we were enjoying it and talking about the product. Please do yourself a favor: stop by this place and try it. You will not be disappointed. Hell, you may see me sitting in the corner trying to take down one of their cookie dough milkshakes or just taking in another 3 scoop cup.

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