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I remember seeing the original preview for Blindspotting and thought hmmm seems interesting! Not knowing if it would be comedy, or something serious and even how serious I would be approaching it. I definitely had to check it out. Going to the theater, buying a ticket, reclining in the seat and an hour and a half later the thought that runs through my head is: This movie is incredible!!!

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Welcome to Oakland! Oakland based and Oakland themed. Oakland, California was the backdrop, no! It was thoroughly Oakland from dialect, the dope ass soundtrack, to the BART train, to the big wheel bikes, the big rim scrapers, the neighborhoods, and of course the A’s, the Raiders and the back to back champion Warriors! Blindspotting definitely appeals the true Bay Area niche but it also has a larger universal appeal for anyone living in an urban area!!!!

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This movie was incredibly written, directed, and acted–they put together the ultimate trifecta. The center of focus was the two main characters, Collin (Daveed Diggs), who is an African-American male on probation and Miles (Rafael Casal), who is a tatted up, platinum grilled white male that is Collin’s best friend and a bit of a loose cannon. The different dynamics between the two was so fascinating and well illustrated: a young black man trying to do the right thing and stay on the straight and narrow being extra careful on his year long probation, and a white man who is almost completely reckless yet not having the same fears. Be prepared because this movie tackles more than that. It gets deep covering gentrification, police brutality, living as a black felon and living as a white male who’s just a product of his environment. It deftly handled all of these sensitive and delicate topics without offending the sensibilities or coming off trite. There is some powerful imagery, powerful situations and even more powerful dialogue (dialogue that’s used in rap that will leave you in awe) PERFECTION!!! The script was spot on, highly intelligent and super clever. Blindspotting is The new age Do the Right Thing, with a hint of Boyz n the Hood and representing Oakland well!

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Blindspotting has been one of the best movies that I’ve seen this year and that’s really saying a lot. I hope the writers, Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal, get their due recognition as well as the director Carlos Lopez Estrada. This movie could not have been easy to pull off but it was a magnificent job well done! I’m giving this movie 5.0 perfect vegan black bean burgers and all the great sides to go with it! It was good from start to finish fire ass soundtrack and great acting! A must see!!!!!! Get up off that couch and you must see this movie. Hopefully this film will be remembered when The Academy prepares its list of 2018 Oscar nominees. Come back and get more from the movie man and continue to get your grub on!!

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