News – “YouTube suspends father’s channel with more than 5.6million subscribers after he fed his children ice cream laced with LAXATIVES and then filmed them crying in pain and on the toilet” – YouTube star DJ SO COOL’s channel was suspended after one of his videos showed him feeding his kids laxative laced ice cream as a prank

  • The dad then films 90-minutes-later, as his children scream and cry in pain 
  • Then, all as part of his ‘prank’ for his channel, he films his two smallest children on the toilet in agony and keeps filming despite them trying to close the door
  • Brady was investigated by cops in 2016 over the video and it was recommended as a criminal case – however it is not clear at what stage the probe is now at 
  • In another removed clip, he lights fireworks in his children’s bedroom and films as they cry in terror- laughing ‘they think somebody was shooting!’
  • He also did a ‘Drowning Baby Prank’ where he tells his partner that their child drowned- and he shouts ‘it’s a prank sucker!’
  • The YouTube channel is monetized so the more eyes he gets on his videos with ads the more money they make  

A popular YouTube channel was suspended after the family patriarch posted a video of a ‘prank’ where he feeds his kids ice-cream laced with laxatives and then records them crying in pain.

Cordero James Brady, 29, from Nevada, runs the YouTube channel CJ SO COOL, which has over 5.6million followers. The channel is monetized – which means he sells his channel to advertisers, with the more people watching the ads, the more money they stand to make. 

Last week his channel was suspended over the vicious practical joke that appeared to have made his children physically sick. The ‘laxative ice cream’ video was permanently removed.

In the vlog, Brady films himself dosing his children’s ice cream with Pedia-Lax and then feeding it to them. He then films 90-minutes later, showing his children screaming and crying in pain. 

CJ SO COOL filmed himself dousing his children's ice-cream with Pedia-Lax before he feeds it to them 

They try to shove the door closed, but Brady won’t let them be alone, as his films what he did to his own children

‘My stomach hurts,’ screams one of his kids. ‘Oh my goodness, this boy’s stomach is broken!’ he jokes. 

Then, he films his youngest two- a boy and a girl, in separate bathrooms, as they sit on the toilet crying, trying to close the door on him- as he continues to hold the camera on them. 

A Henderson Police Department source told ‘There was a case that was investigated in 2016 involving laxatives and this individual. It was a joint investigation with Clark County Child Protective Services. It was submitted to the DAs office and it was recommended as a criminal case.

Naaaahhhh yo this is cruel and unusual punishment damnit….my damn Grandma (rip) did this to us when we were kids except she snuck it into greens and my god was that a miserable night…I shutter every time I think about it…and laugh…cause it’s def hilarious but still this is triggering me online damnit.

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