B.O.B. – Bring On Benny’s

Benny’s Brick Oven Pizza – Random Saturday was craving pizza. Decided to google brick oven pizza near my house and Benny’s showed up. Sold!

Nice little pizzeria with outdoor/indoor sitting. Since it was a nice night we decided to sit outside. We noticed that guest had wine so we found out that added bonus is that this place is a BYOB. We didn’t bring anything but if/when we make another trip…there will be wine.

Decent size menu with a good amount of options. But remember I AM HERE FOR THE PIZZA!! So I decided to start with something light to get me ready for this pizza craving. Truffle always gets me, so I ordered their truffle fries. Thick cut potato skin fries seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. The fries are cooked in white truffle oil, topped with parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.

The fries were crisp and flavorful. Not the best I have ever had but not too bad. Overall I’d give the fries a 7.

Noooowwww down to why we are here…PIZZA!! So we really wanted to try more than one pizza so we got two pies. They make their dough fresh daily and do not refrigerate there dough, which allows the dough to rise faster. This is important since there wood fire brick oven is 900 degrees and cooks the pizza in 4 mins or less. They use fresh ingredients on all there pies, including fresh mozzarella, basil, extra virgin olive oil, and imported San Marzano sweet tomatoes. We asked the waitress what were the popular pizzas that customers go with and there are a bunch. So we decided to go with Shredded Short Rib & Arugula/Prosciutto.

The shredded short rib was very tasteful. It started with the Gorgonzola cheese, which I am a huge fan of and love the taste. What topped it off was the caramelized onions and short rib. At first we thought the short rib was cooked in a crockpot due to the tenderness. But they bake their short rib in fresh tomato sauce. The short rib was really good!! Overall the pizza was made a little too thin but the flavor was there and would attempt to try again. All in all have this pie a 7, with room for improvement. Lastly, the best part of the night…arugula prosciutto pizza!! Soooo fucking good!!

Man I tell you that this pizza tasted so FRESH!! Had so much flavor with the lemon seasoned arugula and the baked prosciutto. What really completed this great pie was the shaved grana, which is comparable to sharp parmesan for all you cheese connoisseurs. Then it was topped off with lump crab meat on half since my wife doesn’t eat seafood (More for me lol). Overall this pie was a 8.5 and because of this I will come back for another visit. Benny’s I’LL BE BACK!!

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