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In a world where the kids rule and the adults fear anyone under the age of 18, these kids with amazing abilities do what they can to band together to take control of their lives and what’s to come! Welcome to the Darkest Minds. The latest novel brought to the big screen and delivered to you by director Jennifer Yuh Nelson (Kung fu Panda , Spawn). Her rendition may not be completely like the book, but no portrayal is perfect. All in all it’s (semi) well done & a fantastic watch to see again. This movie finds itself attempting to fill the void of the late Hunger Games series and I think we may have something here! For those who haven’t yet seen this movie nor read the book by the amazing Alexandra Bracken, PLEASE you must give it a chance!!!! So that “little miss”Ruby’s journey can continue. The only problem with this movie was that it was a little too fast and choppy that could leave your brain fried and puzzled, but like I said no portrayal is perfect!

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Even though the movie may be fast paced, and may leave out parts that were in the book… its super eclectic ,creative, very interesting and the fresh faced characters provide superb acting that really save the show here. Yes, the relationships weren’t fully developed like in the novel , but it’s hard to do that in an hour and a half long movie. You have to get midway to understand why things happen as they do. I think Liam (Harris Dickinson), Ruby (Amandla Stenberg), Chubs (Skylan Brooks), and ZU (Miya Czech) did an amazing job at creating reality with Sci-fi suspense these kids were extraordinary.

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The Darkest Minds simply put isn’t Oscar award winning but the amazing feelings I got while watching made up for that! Give the movie a chance , the ending is incredible and it opens the door for a sequel! So be prepared for the unfinished story to be told and the destiny of Ruby shall prevail. I give this movie a 3.9 mini burgers.. it doesn’t provide the back  story needed and the lack of the buildup from the novel takes points away. It’s a good movie but to get the big boy burgers the sequel if there is one will have to put everything together and blow this one away! Go check this one out you will be entertained but be patient! Come back and let me know your thoughts and continue to get your grub on!!!!!

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