News – “Dog steals slice of pizza, starts fire in kitchen of Connecticut home”

nydailynews.comCall him the pyromaniac pup-eroni pincher.

Brookfield, a 2-year-old chocolate lab, just wanted some pizza. And who could blame him?

Two pizza boxes sat, tantalizing him, on top of the stove. Clearly, his humans, Gary and Katie LeClerc of Waterbury, Conn., forgot to serve him.


So Brookfield helped himself, nuzzling his way into the box.

Doing so, he nudged one of the knobs on the stove, turning on a burner — and setting the box on fire.

It burned for 34 seconds until the humans raced in.


Gary LeClerc threw the box onto the floor and doused the flames with water.

No one was hurt and no damage done.

And Brookfield did get his ‘za.

LeClerc posted a video of the Sept. 27 incident on his Facebook page and wrote to NBC Connecticut: “My wife and I are trying to use this video for educational purposes as well as entertainment since it is both funny and eye-opening.”


And pizza dog clearly has it way better than Pizza Rat. After all, Brookfield’s slice was served hot, just a little too hot for comfort.

Brookefield knew what he was doing…he clearly was fed up with the LeClerc’s eating all good in front of him and him not getting any parts…so he was just taking shit into his own hands and also teaching them a lesson.

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