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DUN-DUN dun dun-Dun Dun dun dun– lol ok that was my attempt to type the theme song but hey I guess you’ll get the point! Super Tom is at it again. This time more explosive, more action, high wire craziness and full Tom Cruise stunts.

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Let’s get straight to the point: Mission Impossible Fallout is the reason that everyone needs to watch action movies on the big screen. Every single action scene excels, and leads to an unforgettable fight for its finale. Tom Cruise never disappoints when it comes to fighting, chasing and of course, running! He literally has outdone himself in this movie. Even clay masked Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) is back … hold on, my fault he’s not wearing a mask.. that’s his damn face arggg terrible and bad with the close ups but hey he’s back. He’s been riding with Tom for all six and he doesn’t fail with his role.

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The addition of  Superman himself Henry Cavill to the series was perfect! He was bad ass hailing as a hit man /assassin, and he did a great job as a villain. All actors were impressive as well, but he was very effective throughout the movie. Fallout instills  perfection with a  blend of breathtaking action, eye-catching locations and exhilarating cinematography thanks to the direction of director Christopher McQuairre sets a bar for suspenseful thrills. This film makes summer feel like it’s just beginning even though we are nearing its end! I can’t wait for the next installment to be made. Hell Tom can keep Ethan Hunt alive until he’s 100!

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I could literally talk about this movie all day, it was that good. Life is much better when you can get a great action movie and this one was far better than perfect! From start to finish, even before the opening credits… I was highly entertained and I’m sure you would be too! In one word, Fallout is PERFECT!!! The best action movie I’ve seen in a long time! Recommended catching it on an IMAX screen. Tom Cruise you are the man and….as everyone knows he does his own stunts! 5 I said 5 of the greatest burgers that fulfills your soul and the greatest side dishes ever is what I give this movie get to the theater and see this ASAP!!! Get back to me the movie man and let me know what you think and continue to get your grub on!!!!!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 5.0**

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