News – “Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Is Coming To Stores For Halloween”

foodbeast.comThere’s been such a divide among candy lovers when it comes to candy corn. The iconic Halloween snack either sends shivers down your spine, or perks your sweet tooth right up. In my case, there’s a gallon-sized trash bag filled with yellow and orange sweet in my bedroom that usually lasts me the year.

With candy corn on the mind, our buddy @junkbanter, posted a photo of an upcoming flavor of Sour Patch Kids CANDY CORN. If you’re thinking these new sweets are simply Sour Patch Kids shaped like candy corn, think again.

The orange and grape flavored Sour Dusted Candy Corn are actual pieces of candy corn dusted with the sweet and sour sugar that the Sour Patch brand is known for.

Apparently, it doesn’t really taste like candy corn though and rather something that lives in the middle of the two iconic snacks.

You have my curiosity now, guys.

I wonder if this snack will finally be the bridge between that connects Sour Patch lover Elie Ayrouth and candy corn loving old me.

Junkbanter says he grabbed a bag of these at the Dollar General and we can expect to see them on shelves through the Halloween season. Stay spooky, guys.

I found out as adult that candy corn is polarizing…I’m not saying I’m a huge fan but I definitely don’t hate it like some folks do…i’m sure this is going to cause some serious outrage on the innanets but I look forward to trying it.

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