Guest Post: The 6 Most Common French Fry Shapes

Ahh, the French fry. It’s so humble yet so refined. You’ll find it served with a simple cheeseburger or plated alongside a top-shelf steak. While the crop of potatoes is pretty straightforward, the history and uses of the French fry are not. For starters, they’re called lots of different things, from frites to chips. And there are other interesting things about these side dishes that can help to elevate them from the commonplace spot they hold in diets around the world.

For example, using “French” to describe them may not be correct. No one is quite sure where they came from, but there are several origin stories including from Belgium and Spain (as well as France). And there are lots of ways they may have gotten to the United States. So what else makes this basic yet essential dish so interesting? This graphic explains some fun facts.



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