Grubbin College Football: Ohio State Eats – My Journey To Columbus, OH

So the college football season is almost upon us which has me feeling all nimbly bimbly and I was blessed by my day job to visit Columbus, OH this week. So I said to myself let’s get some good campus eats and I’m not talkin’ the dining hall folks.

At first I tried going to Arch City Tavern but it was before 3PM so I just looked like a loser and was told to come back later. Maybe next time for there. So then I walked another 100 feet to Melt Bar & Grilled.

This place is basically a big grilled cheese joint which really tickled my fancy for sure. I was between the Korean War Pig and the Big Popper and the bartender said the Korean War Pig was the play and I am glad I took his advice. In my head I knew that was the right choice but the Big Popper had jalapeños in it and daddy is a sucker for a jalapeño. I also got coleslaw with it and my god they don’t skimp on the coleslaw. Just look at that mound right there. It was delicious though and paired perfectly with the succulent Korean pork that was between two monster pieces of toast with pickled onion relish and muenster cheese which to me is a highly underrated cheese. A great meal overall and I would definitely go back there to try the Big Popper.

Now when I ventured downtown for dinner I made a stop at the Ohio State school store to grab my boy Leer an Ohio State hat. I was thinking mesh but he went all back but both were pretty sexy in my opinion so he couldn’t go wrong. Now I am telling you if I was an Ohio State fan and had some actual money in my bank account I could of spent $10k EASY in that store. They had so much great gear it hurt. I just couldn’t bring myself to put that scarlet and gray on my body.

After my little shopping excursion I got a hot tip to go to Bakersfield North which is a Mexican spot that to be honest I wouldn’t have guessed from the name. Either way this place was well priced and tasty. I grabbed myself a nice Agave Wheat beer and the Chips & Queso with Chorizo and Hot Peppers added. For $6 you couldn’t beat this appetizer.

For the main course I had two tacos with the Pollo Asado and the Short Rib. Only the Short Rib is pictured because I already took a bite out of the chicken before realizing I didn’t snap a picture beforehand. A very rookie move from an experienced food blogger like myself. Either way both were top notch with the Short Rib being my favorite.

Overall I was happy with both of my meal choices at this fine university (that hurts to write) and I will hopefully be back during the season to try out a few more. Stay tuned for my trip to NC State in Raleigh NC later this week as I plan to make a stop or two while I am there as well. I will also have my college football mega preview coming out before the season starts and will unveil my Arby’s Preseason Hot Garbage Awards as well.

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