News – “Michigan man pees in deli section of Kroger store, police say” – Michigan man allegedly chose an unusual place to relieve himself on Sunday night.

The 69-year-old Swartz Creek man, who has not yet been named, allegedly peed in the deli section of a local Kroger grocery store, Metro Police told ABC12.

A customer in the store who witnessed the incident alerted a grocery store employee, who allegedly snapped a picture of the suspect.

The man was arrested shortly after, according to the news station. The grocery store has since thrown out any affected items and thoroughly cleaned the area, according to ABC 12.

The suspect, who reportedly told authorities he had a prostate problem, is facing indecent exposure and destruction of property charges.

Just sounds like he was upset with the Kroger deli and was expressing his opinion of their cold cuts…but nah it just sounds like either the old homie was lost and confused orrrr just doing the old man shit of not giving a fuck…if its the latter it’s definitely a power move.

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