News – “Beer deliverymen talk man out of jumping off bridge by offering him Coors Light” – Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson don’t usually cross the bridge over Interstate 94 in St. Paul, Minn. But this Wednesday morning, for no reason in particular, the beer deliverymen decided to take a different route, they told local news stations.

After dropping off a shipment of beer at a sports bar nearby, Gaebel steered the truck onto the bridge, crossing over the busy highway below. Then, they spotted a man standing on the bridge’s ledge on the other side of the fence.

“Bro, you alright?” Gaebel, the driver of the beer truck, shouted out the window, as Anderson filmed on his phone. “Come on this side, bro.”

Facing them, the man on the ledge responded that he was going to take his own life. Anderson cut the video, and called 911.

The dispatcher told him to hold off until police arrived, but Anderson couldn’t stand the wait.

“I’m thinking it’s either I help this guy or he’s going to jump,” he later told KMSP. “I gotta keep this guy entertained somehow because if I wait for police, things could be over.”

The first thought that came to his mind was, of all things, Denzel Washington. He recalled the movie “Inside Man,” in which Washington plays a hostage negotiator for the New York Police Department.

This man is a got damn hero and deserves to be treated as such…..not only did he save a man’s life with a 12 pack of Coors…he did it while channeling his inner Denzel…that’s electric stuff.

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