News – “McDonald’s Japan Introduced 48-Piece Chicken McNugget Buckets” – UPDATE: McDonald’s Japan’s site confirms that the collaborative promotion was from 2015.

McNuggets remain as one of McDonald’s most popular items and the chain is now looking to introduce a 48-piece bucket in Japan.

In collaboration with NGT48, the massive portion of golden morsels will serve as McDonald’s Japan’s latest promotional item, trumping the U.S. branch’s 20-piece option. The buckets will feature members from the AKB48 J-Pop group with select members visiting certain locations to pass out orders to fans. The new launch will begin releasing in the Niigata prefecture, but there’s no word yet on how many sauce packets will be included in each order.

Check out the NGT48 48-piece Chicken McNugget bucket above.

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Damn this is the perfect thing to grab after you leave the bar and your McFucked up…but i’m honestly a little disappointed this was a 2015 promotion because if they released this in the states in 2018…it would only take a week before  we got a viral video of someone going ape shit because they only got handed 2 sauces.

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