News – “Sacha Baron Cohen Convinced This Food Critic He Ate Human Meat–And He Loved It.”

esquire.comAfter what was a promising first few episodes, Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? has lost its steam. There haven’t been any more political humiliations—rather, he’s gone in some deeply troubling directions, including tonight’s episode, which involved discussing Hillary Clinton’s genitalia and giving birth out of his anus. With the questionable moments aside, this penultimate episode of Cohen’s show did have at least one insane moment at the end with food critic Bill Jilla of

Jilla attended the private tasting of Cohen’s character Rick Sherman, a recently released prisoner who is attempting to start anew as a chef. During this tasting, Cohen’s Sherman serves Jilla a number of revolting dishes. One was made with veal that was served in a condom that had been hidden in a man’s anus. “This is the best braised veal I’ve ever had in my lifetime,” Jilla said of the dish, which had been aged for eight days in a condom inside a man’s rectum.

But that wasn’t the worst thing Cohen served this food critic. For his final course, Cohen’s Sherman brought Jilla human meat. As Sherman told Jilla, the meat was made from a Chinese man, who had donated his organs after his death.

Of course, this is deeply fucked up, and no person would (should?) actually eat human meat, but Jill studies the dish for a second and digs right in.”It’s, like, butter soft,” Jilla says, giddily. “Who needs a knife? It’s melting on my palette, I do not need to chew it.”

Then Cohen’s Sherman tells Jilla that it “would be a great honor for the family to know someone in the West is enjoying their son.”

1 . This is why we started Just Grubbin..basically real reviews for real people…like he really ate this and gave his opinion 2. The fact that he did this with no problem says a couple of things about this gentleman…he saw through the shtick (highly unlikely) or he’s eaten a human before…

Looks like another person Tom Cruise needs to arrest for precrime.

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