News – “Taco Bell Just Brought Back Their Fan Favorite $1 Breakfast Stackers”

foodbeast.comWhen Taco Bell rolled out a new set of dollar menu items at the end of 2017, one of the items, the Stacker, quickly became a big hit. It was touted as a “bang for your buck” for its considerable size at a dollar price. When it left the taco chain’s menu toward the end of January, folks were pretty bummed out.

Taco Bell fans are now getting another chance to enjoy the item, though, as the breakfast version of the Stacker has come back to menus for a limited time.

breakfast stackersPhoto courtesy of Taco Bell

The Breakfast Stackers will have a new variation in their short return to the menu. Called the Steak and Egg Stacker, it combines scrambled eggs, nacho cheese, a three cheese blend, and steak for a hefty $2 breakfast.

breakfast stackersPhoto: Constantine Spyrou // Foodbeast

While the Steak and Egg Stacker will be the featured item this time around, Taco Bell representatives confirmed with Foodbeast that the original dollar version can be ordered as well. Additionally, you can customize it any way you like — including adding on bacon or sausage.

As for those hoping that the lunch and dinner version of the $1 Stacker would return, there is a hack available to recreate it as an unofficial item. Take a cheese quesadilla, remove the jalapeno cream sauce, and add in nacho cheese sauce and seasoned beef. It’ll cost a bit more than a dollar ($3.84, to be exact), however.

I still havent tried Taco Bells breakfast despite White Chris and DJ Wayne singing its praises all the time…but I just don’t know if I can bring myself to do it…unless they want to sponsor the blog….in that case I’ll be there every morning.

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