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Move over JAWS! Beat it LAKE PLACID, and -SHARKNADO who? It’s a new day, a new wave and a new legend lurks deep in the waters!!! Beware of where you swim and take heed to THE MEG! I know, I know- that movies never live up to the hype of its books predecessors, this movie is based off of (1997’s MEG: A NOVEL OF DEEP TERROR by Steve Alten)….(with the exception of a few) but get over it! Believe me let that release from the back of your brain and see that you will enjoy a gem that this summer has to bring. This movie has the perfect amount of action, gore humor and pretty decent action sequences. It’s on a cheesy B movie level but again that’s where we get the best cheesy classics that can be rewatched for ages. THE MEG, lives up to it.

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Starring Jason Statham who plays (Jonas Taylor) a rescue diver who, in the past, loses two of his friends during a mission due to some kind of massive beast destroying a nuclear submarine. Let’s press that little (Fast forward button) and now, we find that his ex-wife Lori (Jessica McNamee) gets trapped at the bottom of the Marianas Trench and he is given that call to utilize his expertise and save her. —wave wave wave splash splash splash now the real star…… Enter THE MEG!!!

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From here on out, it’s just fun. It’s action packed with a giant pre-historic shark ; it’s like Jaws, but on steroids!

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Now literally this movie never takes itself seriously. So, if you come in expecting Oscar level work, take a needle and poke yourself in the eye. It has value and it’s a decent watch, aside from minor flaws and a couple of nagging unanswered questions. Performance wise, Jason Statham as always is Jason Statham. He never goes above and beyond, he just does what he does best, and that’s deliver a Jason Statham performance lol. Not bad, because I truly think if it wasn’t him then we all can imagine that THE ROCK, probably would have been in this role. Yes, the action king himself! (Which probably would have been a better fit) hmmmm… better than skyscraper but… that’s neither here nor there!

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The special effects and cinematography are average at best nothing groundbreaking. It’s serviceable. Remember I compared it to a cheesy but classic B movie. With all of this said I give this movie 3.9 out of 5 veggie burgers, it’s a decent date movie, you will get the action, mild gore, humor and a ton of Jason Statham! What more could you ask for?? Lol but check it out. You will have to turn your brain down a bit, again it doesn’t take itself serious but you will enjoy it. Let me know your thoughts on this and remember to come back for more me THE MOVIE MAN with JustFilms and Justgrubbin… we will keep you updated on everything you need to know so… keep it grubbin!

**Image result for burger emojiBurgers: 3.9**

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