News – Bolley’s Famous Franks customers complain about new fries and even offered the owners hands

centralmaine.comThe Waterville eatery’s owners say customers are unhappy with the fries and have threatened to fight them.

WATERVILLE — Bolley’s Famous Franks made a change in late June that has left some customers feeling heated.

What has them so worked up? The College Avenue icon’s decision to switch from crinkle-cut to straight-cut french fries.

Recently, the outrage about the change made by owners Leslie and Jim Parsons has escalated. Jim Parsons said a man came in earlier this month, angry about the change, and ended up threatening to fight him when he was kicked out for becoming disorderly around customers.

“People come in with a negative attitude that the fries aren’t going to be the same,” Jim Parsons said Tuesday. “That’s a tough sale for us.”

“People think we’re changing tradition,” Leslie Parsons said. “We’ve given so much respect to the previous owners.”

The Parsons family is not affiliated with the original group of brothers that opened the hot dog shops. It was run by three generations of the Genest family, starting with Guy Genest in 1962, until closing in 2014. The Parsons family reopened the Waterville Bolley’s in 2017.

Donald Pooler, owner of Bolley’s Famous Franks in Hallowell, said that franchise started in the 1962 when the eatery opened on Bangor Street in Augusta. It moved to Water Street in Hallowell in 1972. While crinkle-cut was the standard in Waterville, Pooler said, the Hallowell location always has served straight-cut fries.

The change, Leslie Parson said, comes down to finances.

Dude I need to know how good these freaking fries were to have somebody ready to fight and assault people over them….sheesh.

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