2018 Diner en Blanc Philadelphia Review

I’ve wanted to go to Diner en Blanc Philadelphia since it first started in Philly. I’ve been on the wait list for years and this is the first year that I was able to attend. The experience, the location, the performers, the tables leaders, the decor, and the traditions were incredible! However, this year’s event did gain some negative social media attention by non-attendees that didn’t do much research before passing judgement.

How to get in? Simple, sign up on the wait list.

The tickets are sold in Phases. Anyone that attended previously will receive an invite to an earliest Phase. Anyone that attended as a guest previously, is more likely to receive an invite to an earlier Phase than someone who never attended. There are some other factors that roll in as well, such as sponsored attendees.

For example, a friend of mine has been invited and has attended every year. Another friend of mine was invited as a guest three years ago and she was invited to register every year since this is the first year she was able to register and attend before the event sold out. I have been on the wait list for years and this is the first time I’ve received an invite to register and the event sold out within 15 minutes.

Cost? About $100 for two tickets which is used for things such as entertainment and clean up.

In addition to the cost is anything you choose to buy. Table, chairs, table-cloth, decor, food, wine, clothes, shoes, etc.

This is where the majority of the shade was thrown. Yes, it can cost a lot of money if you choose to buy everything new but I only spent about $80 after splitting the cost of the tickets, food, and wine with my friend and I borrowed most of our other items.

Rules? White.. White.. White

This can prove to be difficult but it is possible. Also, they don’t, not let you in, if you don’t follow the rules but most of the fun is actually following the rules.


Location? It’s a surprise and you are not supposed to find out until you arrive.

This year the event was held at City Hall. It was basically impossible for them to hide the barricades and white table clothes being delivered so the secret was out on social media that same morning. I would’ve liked to experience the surprise but I’m not one bit disappointed.


It’s Philadelphia and there were 5,500 attendees, there aren’t many options for locations that don’t interfere with other’s commute, businesses, and/or daily routine but it’s only for one night.

Final Thoughts:

This event was something that I will never forget! I hope I get to attend again next year! Also, I really think these haters are just jealous they didn’t get in! =)

Also, since we are a food blog, I’ll just leave this right here…


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