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With us being more than half way through the year of 2018 there has been many movie surprises thus far, and Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, is by far the biggest surprise of them all. Believe it or not, this movie is actually really good. It’s not great or going to be nominated for an award, but from the small screen to the big screen it has what it takes to put on the big boy pants and eat at the big kids table. Insert here: The Teen Titans – Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire! – After their confrontation with Balloon Man and their abundance of extremely goofy antics, they find out that the (Superstars) the Justice League has defeated their enemy. Upon doing so, its Superman who takes aim to point out the teens are such a fraud and that no one will ever take them serious!

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With the recent discovery that the infamous Batman has a new movie (which is called Batman Again), the ever so loved (and ever so forgotten) sidekick Robin, sets to make way to get the titans in the limelight. He wants their own movie, and he seeks the help of big time Hollywood movie director Jade Wilson. The idea is dismissed and laughed at and he’s continuously told that he and his band of misfits are nothing but “SIDEKICKS”! To be a successful superhero, you need an archenemy. Insert Slade Wilson!! This villain comes in the look and frequently referenced to Deadpool, but don’t get “him” wrong-he is not him lol! Ok ok, I’m done not giving away anymore, you have to see it to witness where it goes. I will say that the celebrity list is superb in this movie, the entertainment was better than expected and the soundtrack was great!!! Oh yes the resurrection of Michael Bolton! Also let me not forget, there was a cameo from Stan Lee, yes you heard that right, the-“STAN LEE”!

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I’m giving this movie a 4.5 of the movie mans homemade vegan burgers. I truly enjoyed this movie and found myself laughing and humming along to the cheesy (Cue Michael Bolton ), an annoyingly catchy 80s pop parody titled “Upbeat Inspirational Song About Life”, which ends with a very amusing jolt. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I can say I look forward to seeing the next teen titans go movie, and the new LEGO movies that are in the works. So get up off the couch get the kids and the family and go check it out. Let me know your thoughts and remember to check back in for more from me THE MOVIE MAN, Just Films and the whole Just Grubbin family! Keep it grubbin.


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