News – “This $60,000 ice cream is the most expensive in the world — here’s what you get”

cnbc.comThe most expensive ice cream in the world costs $60,000. To try it, you have to fly to Tanzania — but it’s a pretty cushy trip. You’ll fly first class, stay in a luxury resort and have the ice cream made right before your eyes on Mount Kilimanjaro.

“The World’s More Expensive Most Expensive Ice Cream” sundae is offeredby Three Twins Ice Cream, an independent organic ice cream company based in California with three shops in Northern California and wholesale ice cream products sold in all fifty states. The $60,000 ice cream was inspired by founder Neal Gottlieb’s hike up Mount Kilimanjaro in January 2011, where he made ice cream in the snow.

So why does it cost $60,000?

In addition to first-class flights and five-star accommodations to be determined after buying the ice cream, the experience includes a guided climb up Mount Kilimanjaro with a local guide and Gottlieb himself, who will hand-churn a batch of ice cream with glacial ice from the mountain’s summit.

“The process starts with harvesting ice from the glacier, which is put into a dry bag, into a backpack and carried down to camp,” Gottlieb tells CNBC Make It. “I must say, this is not easy on the knees going downhill!

“At camp the ice is broken up. A small pot is put inside a larger pot and the space between is filled with ice and salt, which lowers the temperature of the mixture. Milk, cream, sugar and flavoring are mixed and added to the pot. The mixture is stirred, and the part that freezes to the wall of the inner pot is scraped off. Eventually the whole mixture freezes and you have ice cream.”

Gottlieb can make vanilla or other flavors requested.

No one has bought the $60,000 ice cream yet.

No shit.

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