News – “German Restaurant Sees Surge in Popularity After Banning Children at Dinnertime” – Sometimes you don’t want your bratwurst with a side of screaming baby.

My mother is one of those people that dislikes children so much I constantly marvel at the fact that I was born at all. We live in the same city, and every time we go out to eat, she zeroes in on any nearby table dining with a kid—or, even less comprehensible, a baby—in tow. It doesn’t matter what kind of noise said child makes; a joyful giggle grates on my mom’s ears as severely as a high-pitched scream. “Haven’t these people ever heard of a babysitter?” she’ll inevitably comment.

That’s why if we ever plan a family trip, I plan to take my mom to the German island of Rügen, where a restaurant called Oma’s Küche—”Grandma’s Kitchen”—has banned diners under the age of 14 from 5 PM onwards. Grandma might make a mean strudel, but she ain’t about those loud, rude nose-pickers.

Owner Rudolf Markl told the DPA News Agency last week that he had been thinking about the idea for a while. He’d grown tired of kids messing with tablecloths, knocking over wine glasses and annoying other patrons—all while their clueless parents “acknowledge it with a smile, keep on eating, and don’t care at all.” Markl reached his breaking point came recently, when some unruly youngsters damaged restaurant inventory including some antique photo stands.

“We have somehow reached that point where you say: This just can’t go on like this,” he told the news agency.

The restaurant’s new policy has sparked controversy in Germany, with some opponents of Markl’s policy claiming that it discriminates against children; the country, in fact, has a ban on age discrimination, which the restaurant’s new rule might violate.

I don’t see where the outrage comes from when it comes to this one..90% of the time the kids don’t want to eat at places like this anyway…so why not create an environment where mom and dad and other adults can just come and enjoy a nice dinner with out someones kids crying and throwing a fork across the joint.

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