News – “Shocked Glasgow mum finds drunk sleeping on her sofa after he went ‘home’ to his parent’s old house” – A mum of two was given the fright of her life after discovering a drunken stranger asleep on her sofa – as his parents lived there two years before.

Elaine McDade, 43, had been watching TV in bed with her children on Saturday night in Glasgow when she popped downstairs for a drink.

After hearing some noise in her living room, she looked through the door to discover 26-year-old Thomas Airlie, an engineer from South Lanarkshire, in a booze-induced slumber on her couch.

A confused Thomas had let himself in the wrong house after a drinking session with his friends and gone to sleep on her couch – but not before politely taking his shoes off at the door and helping himself to a drink from the fridge.

Elaine McDade was stunned to find the 26-year-old engineer in a booze-induced slumber on her couch (Image: Kennedy News and Media)

Elaine claims she woke the ‘apologetic’ man immediately before her husband dropped him off at the nearest ASDA because he couldn’t remember where he lived.

The dance teacher later discovered that she had forgotten to lock the door for the first time and Thomas had later drunkenly entered after getting a taxi there thinking it was still his parents’ home.

Elaine said: “He even took his shoes off at the back door. He was a very polite guy.

We’ve all been there….okay maybe not but I like to believe we would act just as courteous as young drunk Thomas, I mean the guy politely took his shoes off and everything…I may even have thrown him a blanket and let him get some more sleep…before of course kicking him out like Jazzy Jeff right into a uber. I think the more alarming part of this story is that he had no idea where the hell he currently lives…do you have a home Thomas?!

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