News – “Papa John Has Created A Blog To Rally His Fans, Of Which There Are Many'”

deadspin.comPapa John, the person, has constructed his latest weapon against Papa John’s, the pizza company: the blog.

Save Papa John’s is live, and its mission is clear. The “lamestream media” won’t tell you the truth about the pizza hawker who was forced to resign after he said the N-word on a conference call specifically organized to make him seem less racially insensitive. There is no finer ingredient than the truth, but if you want it, you must go to the garlicky source.

A direct line to the unfiltered voice of the disgraced Papa himself? I’m sold already.

Save Papa John’s has a section for all of the Papa’s legal documents and filed motions, as well as a page for recent news coverage. There are many people who have come to his defense in the media, such as … himself, as well as fellow Ball State alumnus Jason Whitlock.

Hopefully Papa’s next move is to create a podcast. Please, please give us the Papacast.

Well if hes’ not just gonna go fuck off like we all want him to, he can at least entertain us during his downward spiral and he’s heading in that direction….but I need him to go full Gary Busey level of crazy to really make this fun.

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