News – “Drug tunnel to Mexico uncovered in kitchen of former KFC” – SAN LUIS, AZ (KYMA/CNN) – After a significant drug bust in Arizona, police found a 600-foot long tunnel allegedly used to smuggle drugs across the border from Mexico to the kitchen of a former Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Police conducted a traffic stop Aug. 13 on Ivan Lopez, during which they say they found hard narcotics in the trailer of the truck Lopez was driving.

Authorities found 118 kilograms of methamphetamine, 6 grams of cocaine, 3 kilograms of fentanyl, 13 kilograms of white heroin and 6 kilograms of brown heroin, according to Homeland Security agent Scott Brown.

The fentanyl alone could have supplied three million doses.

Brown said Lopez had been seen earlier that day in San Luis, AZ, removing the toolboxes in which the drugs were found from the former KFC restaurant. Lopez owned the building.

Agents executed a search warrant at the former restaurant and found the tunnel in the kitchen area. The tunnel was only 8 inches in diameter but was 22 feet deep and nearly 600 feet long.

The tunnel traveled from the former KFC to a home in Mexico, where a trap door was found under a bed.

Authorities say the tunnel was used to smuggle illegal drugs across the border and that the drugs were being pulled to the U.S. with a rope.

The tunnel is still under investigation.

Why does this not surprise me? The southwest is notorious for drug running, seeing as it’s super close to the border of Mexico. Also the desolate areas of the dessert makes it a great spot to park up an old winnebago and start cooking meth. 

But what’s even better is an abandoned Kentucky fried chicken. A fool proof plan in my eyes. No one was going to that awful establishment anyway, (I think we need a Just Grubbin top 5 of fast food fried chicken joints, pretty sure KFC doesn’t make it) so let’s make it the headquarters for nearly 20% of the state of Arizona drug inventory. 

Better luck next time drug smugglers, try using a Popeyes or Bojangles, it’ll be less suspicious. 

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