News – “Food Truck Opens in Middle of LA Freeway to Serve Traffic After Fiery Crash” – deadly crash between a tanker truck and an SUV early this morning in Los Angeles resulted in a fire that left cars on both sides of the 105 Freeway idling for hours. But it wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been for some of those who were stranded in the ensuing traffic.

Among the cars stuck in the westbound lane was an AC Catering food truck that eventually decided a captive audience of hungry commuters (and hey, no competition) was as good a place as wherever they were planning to set up shop… so they opened up for business right there on the road. With the traffic at a standstill for four hours, drivers had already been milling about between cars and immediately lined up to buy some breakfast.

Earlier this summer, a food truck employed a similar tactic to feed the hungry who were stalled in a Dallas traffic jam, also caused by an overturned tanker.

Hopefully there was a Porta-Potty truck stuck somewhere nearby.

I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it here…this is just a heady play. I’ve been hungry and stuck in traffic before for hours and if a delicious food truck pulled up they certainly would get this mans hard-earned smackaroos.

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